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We know that children learn best by doing. Every opportunity will be given to present concepts so our students can learn from experience and internalize their knowledge and discoveries. We believe that values of self-esteem, love, faith, hope, caring, sharing, forgiveness, honesty, and responsibility can be woven into all of our daily activities.

By highlighting Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy, emphasizing the importance of Music and the Arts, Partnering with Families, and incorporating in Cognitive Based experiences, St. Paul's Guiding Light Preschool curriculum that promotes a lifetime of JOY in learning.  Our students thrive when given the opportunity to explore, research, design, invent, and lead.  

We promise to do all that we can to help set our students up for success and assist them in developing their strengths at a pace consistent with their given talents. We follow the child. This means that as they reveal their own interests and gifts, an individualized program is developed around each of them. Our goal is to guide our students so that they can clearly see themselves as being perfectly unique, wonderfully made, dearly loved, children of God. 

Manipulatives to encourage
logical & mathematical understanding 

Dramatic play
to encourage

Open-ended art and creative projects to explore different mediums for self-expression

Geography to share the wonder of the world as God's children

Grace & Courtesy Lessons

Alphabet sounds become words-

words become sentences-

and sentences become stories

Activities and materials to build independence, concentration, a strong sense of order, and fine motor control

Quiet reflection & Self regulation

Passage of time

Zoology to respect all creatures big & small 

Botony & Conservation

Sensorial activities to interpret our environment

Gardening, nutrition, & healthy snack preparation  

First Friendships

young girls reading together

Budding leadership skills

first friendships young children

First Friendships

outdoor playyard at preschool

Outdoor play &
Large motor activities

joyful child with Bible

Bible verses, prayer, & joyful worship

community service projects

Community Service Projects to be the hands and feet of Jesus

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